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How Hiring Process Automation Can Free Up Your Team

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Every job comes with a few tedious tasks we’d love to push off of our plates. For most individuals involved in hiring new talent, managing adverse action notifications and adjudicating candidates’ background search results fall squarely on that list.

We get it—these manual processes take time and often even more concentration. After all, you can’t afford to miss any details. FCRA litigation is on the rise and nearly every organization is wondering if they’ll be the next in the crosshairs. Checking every compliance box is essential!

Fortunately, technology can help eliminate the manual workload and drastically reduce compliance mistakes. If your reaction to that news is “tell me more!” you’ll want to view Asurint’s webinar.

Improve Your Hiring Process: Adjudication & Adverse Action Automation features everything you need to know about:
  • The FCRA-mandated adverse action process
  • The candidate adjudication process and compliance considerations
  • Tips for automating both adverse action and adjudication
In addition to the above information, we related how Asurint helps clients with automation challenges and opened the floor to participant questions for our presenters, Asurint General Counsel Kelly Uebel and Compliance Manager Lindsey Rajan.

The webinar incorporates solely educational content and is not intended to provide legal advice on hiring policies. The recording can, however, help you prepare for a conversation with your counsel, as well as explore automation solutions to transform your hiring processes for the better.

Everyone is pressed for time these days. That’s why Asurint makes webinars available after the fact, so you can catch up on important content at your convenience. Why not download Improve Your Hiring Process now and add it to your listening queue?

If you find that the webinar raises more questions about adverse action or adjudication—or you would like to demo Asurint’s automation technologies—just reach out at 800.906.2035 or contact us online.