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Be a Recruiting Hero with Faster Background Checks Now

Companies like yours all over the U.S. are taking on the immense challenge of filling essential positions to keep our economy moving. We know that streamlined hiring, including rapid-turnaround background checks, will be vital in meeting this urgent need. Asurint is here for you to deliver fast pre-employment background screening services that gets your candidates in the door now rather than later.

Background Checks Like Never Before with IQLogics™

Asurint uniquely utilizes the power of IQLogics™, the industry’s first search engine. The proprietary algorithm behind IQLogics intelligently recommends a more comprehensive background search for every candidate. That means you get a more cost-effective, complete and time-efficient search. This is why we boast 25% faster results than traditional single county searches, and 16% more records at no additional cost.

Instantly search more than half a billion criminal records

Asurint’s National Criminal Information Bureau (NCIB) database is made up of aggregated criminal public record data from counties and courts across the country and is improving every day. This cost-effective search option gives you the ability to clear your candidates quickly – and put them to work today. Combine our proprietary national database with our automation tools and Asurint provides Instant Clear criminal searches covering 85% of the U.S. population.

Instant Clear Background Checks

Quickly receive background checks in one day or less. Instant Clear is a fast pre-employment background screening service that you can take advantage of in many states and the majority of the most populous counties in the states.


Unique court integrations give you access that others can’t

Our unique partnerships and integrations with many county criminal courts and state agencies across the nation give near instant access to criminal records in historically difficult to research areas such as Northern Illinois and Southern California.
We also keep you informed of any court delays and closures across the U.S. Just subscribeto get notifications delivered to your inbox!

We call a fair game – for you and your candidates

Our industry-leading automated compliance engine helps make sure that you stay in step with ever-changing local, state and federal regulations. Backed by a team of legal and compliance experts, our regularly-updated algorithm helps keep our accuracy rate is 99.99%, so you can rest assured that you're hiring the best talent.


Great system, easy to use, layout stays consistent so it’s easy to navigate. Jennifer MacLeay Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire Great system, easy to use, layout stays consistent so it’s easy to navigate.

Jennifer MacLeay Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire

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