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Leadership Isn’t a Top-Down Approach Here

Asurint was created out of a recurrent question: Why can’t employee background screenings leverage technology to produce better, more reliable results? Two industry experts, Connie Clore and Gregg Gay, started asking that question many years ago. As a result, they grew a savvy team that asks that same question each day to continue chasing the moving target of technology while maintaining a best-in-class solution.

Our Leadership Team

  • Gregg Gay

    Chief Executive Officer &

  • Brent Sisson

    Chief Financial Officer

  • David Barney

    Chief Information Officer

  • Renee Rupp

    Sr. Vice President, Operations

  • Kelly Uebel, Esq.

    General Counsel

  • Huda Farunia

    Vice President, Human Resources

Our Board of Directors

Leadership Takes Many Forms

We believe in community—both the one we work in and the ones we quietly represent in the employment screening processes we’re a part of each day. It’s not enough to sponsor a food drive each fall. To us, it’s about the people and places that make up the bigger picture.
You may not see it, but it’s happening every day. Our team puts a lot of pressure on itself to complete the most accurate and compliant searches possible. We know more is at stake than our credibility. It’s the safety of our clients, their companies and employees and the communities they call home that is truly important. While we may be a team of innovators and problem-solvers, each one of us wears a little badge of pride knowing we’re the invisible champions of safety and security for communities around the world.

Outreach Committee

We don't just talk a good game about service. We've been active in local charities around Cleveland since day one. In 2015, we created an Outreach Committee to focus on how our team members can help. We collect donations of food, clothing and funds, but we also put hours of sweat equity into charities that range from The United Way and the American Red Cross to City Dogs and the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland.

Culture Club

At Asurint we like to work hard and play hard! Our Culture Club's mission is to promote internal networking amongst employees in order to maintain the “small company feel”. Breaking down any departmental walls at Asurint and increase employee interactions by planning different social  events that bring employees together based on common interests and unique interests and talents!

Communication Committee

We know ideas and plans would be powerless without being shared, so our Communication Committee keeps everyone up-to-date on the latest and greatest at Asurint. This committee's sole purpose is to increase transparency within the company and connect and engage with members of our ever-growing organization by providing outlets for the team to communicate outside of their specific department. Increasing awareness of the entire orgainzation across all departments enhances the culture at Asurint and allows our teams to continue the communication to our clients.