Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance Just Got Easier

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The compliance team here at Asurint continually receives questions about the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We’re always happy to walk clients through the employer requirements so they can review their hiring processes with counsel.

But we also wanted to make the process easier to follow, so we just created A Recruiter’s Guide to FCRA Requirements for Background Checks. This infographic lays out what to do before launching a background check and the steps to follow when using the results in hiring decisions. Plus, it highlights three common pitfalls to avoid.

Let us help ensure you don't overlook a step required under the FCRA. Print and display this infographic at your desk—in the office or at home, or why not both? And encourage your team to do the same.

Want to make FCRA compliance even easier? Talk to us about how we can help automate your Adverse Action process. It incorporates proactive compliance monitoring, action prompts, automated processing, and letter management.

Simply contact us at 800.906.2035 for a demo. Because manual FCRA compliance is a headache you don’t need.