Top 5 Background Screening Trends for 2022

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Planning your year? Here’s the compliance update you need

Complying with various laws pertaining to hiring and background checks is challenging. Not only are there complex topics involved but legislative, regulatory, and legal changes emerge all the time at the local, state, and federal levels.

Fortunately, Asurint has a guide through the compliance wilderness: our General Counsel Kelly Uebel. Not only does Kelly monitor the regulatory and legal environment for us and our clients, she also serves as Chair of the Professional Background Screening Association. We are fortunate to benefit from and share her expertise on all things related to background check compliance.

Wish you could gain some insights from Kelly? You can! She recently conducted an educational compliance webinar, 5 Key Background Screening Trends for 2022. In it, she provides a wealth of information about employment law as it affects hiring processes and background investigations. She covered such issues as:
  • Expanded employee screenings—are pre-hire background checks enough?
  • The 2022 marijuana landscape for employers
  • New litigation and regulatory threats
  • COVID-19’s impacts on hiring in early 2022
  • Barriers impacting employers’ access to criminal history
The event was held January 27, 2022 but (you guessed it) we have the recording! You can download or stream 5 Background Screening Trends right here.

In addition to giving a stellar presentation, Kelly took questions from the group. If you’re interested to know what your peers across the HR, recruitment, and staffing worlds are paying attention to, you’ll want to listen to this webinar.

Plus, when you grab the webinar recording, you’ll also be able to download our latest whitepaperTop Trends in 2022: Background Screening and Employment Law. Are you among those employers recruiting remote candidates from nearly anywhere? Are you expanding into new territory? Are you wondering what’s changed in your primary hiring region? Updated for 2022, Top Trends details shifts in compliance that could affect your hiring processes. This whitepaper will help you understand what’s happening on the ground.

As with all Asurint’s compliance updates, the webinar and e-book are not intended as legal advice but they are incredibly valuable resources for those on the front lines in hiring. As always, we recommend consultation with qualified legal counsel when it comes to your background screening and hiring program. Download these resources and share them with your team today!

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