New York City Human Rights Law Expanded

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Employers in New York City should be prepared for extended applicability of the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). Effective January 13, 2020, NYCHRL protections will be extended to freelancers and independent contractors.
The NYCHRL applies to employers with four or more employees (with some exceptions). The amendments now require independent contractors and freelancers, along with the employer’s parent, spouse, domestic partner or child (if employed by the employer) to be counted as part of the overall employee number determination.

What does this mean for employers?

Several laws impacting the hiring process – the Fair Chance Act, Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act and the law banning salary history inquiries – are all part of the NYCHRL. Arguably then, whether intended or not, employers subject to those laws may need to review their hiring programs to determine if any changes must be made. Additionally, new employers may now find themselves subject to those strict laws and must then act quickly to come into compliance.
Asurint recommends obtaining qualified legal counsel review on whether or not the law’s expansion may result in a change to your hiring processes.

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