Colorado Hospital Association Shared Services Partners with Asurint for Members’ New Hire Employment Background Screening

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CLEVELAND, Ohio, July 19, 2018 – Asurint, NAPBS -certified background screening solution provider announced a partnership today with Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) Shared Services to become the preferred provider of background checks, drug screenings and other verifications for CHA member organizations.

CHA represents more than 100 member hospitals and health systems across the state.
“CHA Shared Services is pleased to begin this partnership with Asurint,” Michael J. Scott, vice president of CHA Shared Services said. “It is crucial for all of Colorado’s health care organizations to make just the right hire while also improving our efficiency and effectiveness. In a time when hospitals and health systems are seeking ways to do more with less, using a gold standard solution like Asurint is more valuable than ever.”
Asurint’s proprietary background search technology, combined with a laser focus on accountability, allows the firm to typically provide healthcare customers with less than a day turnaround time, and 10% more records than a traditional single county search would. Current Asurint customers continually, on average, rate the organization’s ability as a partner as 4.3 stars out of 5. 

“I am thrilled CHA chose Asurint as their background screening provider,” said Gregg Gay, CEO of Asurint. “This partnership is another validation of the impact our proprietary and unique screening process can have. With Asurint, CHA-member organizations can focus on what matters – their patients — while we help them cost-effectively improve their time to hire.”

About Colorado Hospital Association

Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) is the leading voice of Colorado’s hospital and health system community. Representing more than 100 hospitals and health systems throughout the state, CHA serves as a trusted, credible and reliable resource on health issues, hospital data and trends for its members, media, policymakers and the general public. Through CHA, Colorado’s hospitals and health systems work together in their shared commitment to improve health and health care in Colorado. Learn more at www.cha.com.

About Asurint

Asurint provides technology-enabled, customizable background screening solutions for HR recruitment teams that result in faster turnaround times and more comprehensive records than traditional single county searches – eliminating the manual-intensive labor of background screens. Our approach also seamlessly integrates with existing applicant tracking system software to give an end-to-end view of the hiring cycle and create a more efficient workflow. With Asurint, the HR industry can shorten their hiring cycle and onboard the best talent for their organization.