What a Difference a Day Makes in the Hiring Process: The Importance of Rapid Turnaround Background Checks

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It’s not just the summer weather, the post-pandemic job market is also heating up. Stiff competition for candidates in many geographic areas and economic sectors is compelling employers to seek out any advantage to secure the staff they need.

One potential advantage—time. And you definitely want it on your side.

To meet hiring goals, employers must accelerate the recruitment process, from the application or résumé review through final onboarding. Otherwise, the best candidates will widen their job searches and may entertain—and could accept—offers from other companies.

Sad but true, a mere 24-hour delay in a background check can be enough for an incredible new hire to get away.

Fortunately, Asurint’s clients are winning the race for top talent in the current environment because our background checks come through faster.

How fast? Well, our Instant Clear* technology is exactly what the name says. We almost immediately return the “all clear” when an individual has no discoverable criminal history. Our system searches over half a billion records and quickly gives you the confidence to move forward in bringing the person into your organization.

Our Instant Clears now cover 85% of the U.S., making it possible to instantly clear nearly half of all candidates. And we’re adding new sources all the time to expand our reach.

Even when clients require other searches, Asurint returns results 25% faster than the other providers conducting traditional background checks. Our secret is IQLogics, the industry’s first background search recommendation engine. This system examines a candidate’s residency and work history, supplements it with data available from third-party resources, and then automatically suggests the most informative and efficient pre-employment screening.

With Asurint, not only do you quickly receive a background report, we also supply more information—17% more records on average than a standard screening. This “bonus data” comes from records we find outside the work and home address histories the candidate supplies and the information gives you a better picture of the individual you’re considering.

Our unique partnerships with criminal courts and state agencies make offerings like Instant Clear and IQLogics possible. What’s more, our integrations with the best ATS systems make Asurint background checks easy to order, monitor, and review as part of your existing workflows.

Your best candidates won’t wait around, so what are you waiting for? Contact us for more information about rapid-return background checks from Asurint.

*A “clear” is when a candidate’s record comes back with no reportable criminal history

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