2019 Midwest Staffing Conference Recap

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As a proud Bronze sponsor this year’s show, Asurint had an insightful and positive experience the Midwest Staffing Conference held a few weeks ago in Schaumburg, Illinois. It was great meeting with so many Staffing and HR pros to learn about their hiring processes and how Asurint can help in streamlining with background screen solutions. The following points are some key takeaways from the conference that are engaging and applicable to not only the staffing industry, but so many others that have recruiting needs.

Power Recruiting

With the unemployment rate currently at 3.6%, there is significant market competition for talent, making it a candidate-driven market. For staffing agencies, accurately conveying your client’s selling story to prospective candidates is one essential element to recruiting success. Paul Siker, Founder and CEO of Advanced Recruiting Trends and Managing Partner of the Artisan Group was a key session speaker and shared some solid tips:

Employment Branding

Including information on the company’s values, brand pillars, core operating principals and key stats can make your client’s sell story stand out to candidates. Creating a key Employee Value Proposition (or EVP) and incorporating it with the client's employment branding can help form an emotional connection that differentiates the company.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

86% of HR professionals say recruitment is becoming more like marketing according to iCIMS, so proper communication of your client's value is key. Paul shared great messaging to use with prospective candidates when selling the job. These included: details around your client’s leadership team, marketplace presence, brand identity, awards and recognition, fiscal performance, work-life balance and professional development. These types of details can positively impact your candidates' decisions.

The Art of the Cold Call

Cold calls are not lost these days to help recruit top candidates. A planned talk track is essential to introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your call to passive or active prospects.It can also help reduce common fears of rejection on behalf of the recruiter. With some planning and professionalism, the cold call becomes “warm”.

By taking the time to effectively articulate the selling message to your prospects, you can distinguish yourself as a recruiter of choice and can help keep you moving swiftly through the recruitment process. Asking proper questions around their specific situation, problems, implications and need/payoff can separate you from a mediocre recruiter, to a stand-out professional. 

Clearly communicating with your prospective job candidates is essential to their experience with your brand. Asurint can help contribute to a positive experience and close the recruitment process with a speedy background check so you can move on confidently to your next big opportunity.

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