California Staffing Professionals 2019 Conference Recap

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Asurint was excited to be at the California Staffing Professionals show held in Irvine, California. This annual event offers staffing and recruiting agencies special insight and unique networking opportunities, further education and legislative advocacy. In case you missed it this year, two stand-out sessions had the most impact for those in high-pressure recruitment needs.

Dr. Terry Lyles: "Performance Under Pressure"

Dr. Terry Lyles, “America’s Stress Coach”, shared some insight about the recruiting dirty word: "stress". Lyles states that stress is not the real problem, simply because it never goes away. Essentially, how we respond to stress, whether negatively or positively, is the key to handling stress. Recruiting teams that utilize stress properly are able to maximize their performance and maintain productivity.

Do any of these sound familiar? More than a few candidates didn’t return your call today. A new hire just quit the job you hired them for. You lost a long-term client. So much happens in a recruiter's work day. Outside influences should not dictate the quality of your work life. The key, Lyles says, is shifting how you respond to it. Our perception of stress needs to change no matter what circumstances are faced. Dr. Lyles jokes that we should beg for more challenges in life to help us learn how to react to future stressors such as “I love my stress -- give me more!” will help switch your internal conversation from a negative mindset to positive.

More advice from Dr. Lyles: 
  • Celebrate the good that happens, find your purpose, and know that you are designed for this and will take it to the next level. 
  • Get excited, not frustrated, by recruiting challenges! Don't let anothe recruiter "steal" your perfect candidate. 
  • Take breaks every 1.5-2 hours to reduce stress and prevent from burning yourself out with adequate rest and recovery.
  • Eat every 3 hours to help your body perform at its most optimal.

Karenjo Goodwin: "Staffing Industry Outlook"

Karenjo Goodwin, founder and CEO of Exact Staff Inc., and Chairman of Board at the American Staffing Association (ASA) gave a strong overview of the current environment in staffing and recruiting. Below are some key takeaways from that session.

Significant 2018 Benchmarks

There is unprecedented economic growth right now and job placement by staffing firms is strong; staffing agencies hire about 16.8 million people annually. With about 20,000 staffing and recruiting agencies operating around 39,000 offices in the US at a ratio of 1 in 10 people employed by a staffing agency in 2018, what exactly is keeping recruiters up at night? Recruiting in a tight labor market, it seems. There are more jobs available right now than candidates to keep up with hiring needs. Filling open orders continues to be challenge for recruiters with approximately 7.5 million job openings and only 5.7 million hires available.

Where are all the jobs? The top 5 job growth sectors through 2026 include:
  1. Healthcare & social assistance
  2. Professional & business services (including employment services)
  3. State & local government
  4. Leisure & hospitality
  5. Retail trade
44% of Americans say it’s a job seeker's market and only 38% think it’s an employer’s market where opportunities for job seekers are limited. More unfilled jobs than hires exposes the skills gap and need for qualified talent in US. The biggest employment obstacle according to job seekers is lack of skills required for the jobs they want (54%) and few jobs available in the specific field/trade or skillset they have (45%).

The unemployed are looking for more training opportunities which is the key to workforce reengagement. Job seekers are willing to take work they are not qualified for if it means on-the-job training. The type of training employees value most include:
  1. Cross-training to learn the skills for a different job
  2. Training to gain leadership and management skills
  3. Technology skills
  4. Professional certifications in their field of work
What is driving employee retention? Quality of life and finding value in a work-life balance topped the list, schedule flexibility came in second, and pay/wage potential rounded out the top three.

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