Screening Managers to Strengthen the Organization

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In a recent blog post here, we looked at turnover specifically in the retail sector, but the issue is facing most industries today. With a strong economy, workers in various fields have plentiful opportunities to find alternative employment if they aren’t happy where they are, and a greater than usual number are choosing to move on.

As the saying goes, however, people quit their manager, not their job. This means an organization benefiting from the highest quality supervisors can increase morale and job satisfaction and, at least to some degree, buck the current turnover trend. Fortunately, manager quality is an area where background screening can contribute. 

The Manager Role is Different

The type of background check appropriate to managers differs from those generally conducted for entry-level and non-supervisory employees. In most cases, background checks related to general employee roles will be more cursory, checking for major criminal convictions and sex offender registration.

Managers, on the other hand, are a unique asset, and most companies rely on them to devote a long tenure to the company. Using a background check can help ensure the organization investing in the training, coaching, and increased compensation for the right individuals.

At the supervisor level, a background check might include a criminal history rescreening to seek out any recent incidents or dive deeper than the initial screening. If education and employment history weren’t fully vetted upon initial hire, a management background screen might verify those details as well. An employment gap analysis can also be conducted to identify breaks in consecutive employment of a client-set interval (e.g., 90 days), which can raise reliability issues worth discussing.

In some cases, a credit check is used as an indicator of financial trustworthiness, but be aware of the various state rules that apply to the use of credit checks in employment decisions. Finally, a court search can surface any litigation involving previous employers.

Adding the Decision Gate

Oftentimes organizations will conduct more thorough screenings of employees brought on as managers, but the process can sometimes overlook individuals who are internally promoted. Employees seeking advancement will generally understand the need for rescreening, and given that other paperwork is in process, securing the appropriate consent is relatively simple to handle.

Many employers are interested in taking extra care with employees who are entrusted with increasing levels of responsibility.

With Asurint, running such additional background checks is simple. Extensive reports are still delivered lightning-fast, so they won’t impede the company’s ability to fill a mission critical position right away. What’s more, custom search templates can be applied to different managerial roles and integrated with existing ATS systems, so the company access precisely the information needed to exercise good judgment, nothing more and nothing less.

If you’re interested in expanding employment screenings to employees who move up within the ranks, talk to Asurint. Our speed, accuracy, and HR systems integrations have made us the smartest choice for background checks. We’d be happy to walk you through our technology and customer service features to demonstrate what we can deliver.

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