Is Pre-Employment Drug Testing Slowing Your Hiring?

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Speed of hire is the most common issue our clients in light manufacturing, retail, hospitality, construction, and other industries raise with us every day. Talent in the U.S. is in short supply, and employers of all types know that any delay in the recruitment process can cost them a top candidate and leave a vital position empty.

At the same time, companies recognize that safety cannot be compromised. For many employers, a drug screening program is a critical element of the overall risk mitigation strategy. Abandoning pre-employment drug screening isn’t an option, so they are looking for ways to reduce the impacts of this onboarding hurdle.

Fortunately, instant drug testing can empower employers to meet both mandates—hiring quickly and screening candidates fully. Instant drug tests can be administered on site, and negative (“all clear”) results are ready in minutes. The products provide an ideal solution to:
  • Accelerate the hiring process. Many employers are aggressively streamlining recruitment. Some have even gone so far as to have employees enter training the same day they are interviewed and screened. Instant drug testing fits well within such rapid hiring timelines.
  • Survive the seasonal ramp-up. Whether it’s the holidays for retail or the onset of beach or skiing weather for various hospitality venues, there is often a crunch time for bringing on large volumes of workers. Instant drug testing helps employers deal with the rush.
  • Improve the candidate experience. When candidates have as many employment options as they do today, every barrier to a new job can be a deterrent. Instant drug testing removes the need to visit a separate lab, and it gives drug-free candidates an immediate “all clear” without hassle so they are more likely to continue to onboarding.
  • Lower testing cost. If lab-based testing isn’t required (such as for regulatory reasons), there’s no reason to spend up to four times as much to find out if a prospective hire is drug-free. In fact, for some employers, the low cost using instant drug testing has finally made their substance screening goals possible.   
Working with Asurint on drug testing has many advantages. We are able offer instant drug testing products at an impressive discount and happy to supply our expertise. We understand the drug testing options and the compliance details all the way down to the local level, so we can help guide you in implementing the drug screening program your legal counsel recommends.

Every moment counts in talent acquisition. If you need to “buy time” in your pre-employment screening, talk to Asurint about instant drug testing and other services, such as instant clears on criminal searches, that can help you increase your hiring success and confidence.

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