Why Staffing Companies Are Turning to Instant Drug Screening

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Working in the staffing industry is always a challenge, but especially so in recent years. Record low unemployment has made time-to-hire increasingly important in securing hard-to-find workers. Candidates aren’t on the market long—sometimes mere days—so recruiters must snatch up qualified individuals right away, or the competition will.

Drug screening can be a terrible bottleneck, but it’s not something clients in light manufacturing, retail, hospitality, construction, and many other industries can overlook. Employers must maintain a commitment to operating safe, drug-free workplaces, and they rely on their staffing partners to conduct accurate, reliable screenings. For years, that meant time-consuming, lab-based testing.

Fortunately, there is now an option for striking the balance between speed and safety, namely instant drug testing. These convenient solutions:

  • Enable a staffing company to administer the drug screening at their own site, rather than asking candidates to visit a laboratory, which can promote recruitment drop-out.
  • Return negative results within minutes if the candidate is not using illicit or prohibited substances.
  • Facilitate same-day placement. (Of course, rapid background checks help here, too!)

After learning about instant drug testing, many of our clients are surprised to find it actually costs less—one-third to one-quarter the cost of traditional lab-based testing. What’s more, self-collection processes are easy to implement, and Asurint can assist in selecting the appropriate array of instant testing products for any staffing need.

In summary, instant drug screening capabilities are an asset to staffing companies because they:

  • Deliver faster results
  • Cost less
  • Improve the candidate experience

It all adds up to shorter time to hire and a better bottom line, as lower drug testing costs combine with higher placement success to enhance a staffing company’s profitability.

It’s important to note that instant drug testing products are only a part of Asurint’s complete suite of substance and health screening solutions. We can work with you to spec out a package to match your clients’ diverse needs. After all, solution design is central to our company’s promise to make all aspects of background screening simple, swift, and sure.

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