Tenstreet User Conference Recap

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The 3rd annual Tenstreet User Conference had a flurry of exciting sessions spread out over 2 days surrounded by all the glitter of Las Vegas. Focused sessions touched on improving the driver recruiting and hiring process, how to best market attractive jobs, employment verifications, new Tenstreet platform tools, and more. With so much activity packed into two days, there was a lot of topics to cover. However, we were able to narrow down a few takeaways just for you from the conference.   

Partnerships Continue to Grow Stronger

As we continue to follow our vision and build our story within the transportation industry, Asurint prides itself on the strategic partnerships we’ve been able to form throughout the years.  One of those strategic partners happens to be Tenstreet.
Not only did the attendees at the user conference seem hyped about the event and the new additions to the Tenstreet platform, but it was awesome having some of our other strategic partners like WorkForceQA and SambaSafety in the exhibit room as well. 

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all carriers are properly educated on how to make themselves the most cost effective, time efficient, criminally accurate carrier possible. By allowing carriers the ability to work with multiple vendors on its platform, Tenstreet has given their clients options for building a more efficient and robust screening process allowing the level of risk that has been taken in the past to be neutralized.

Check out what one of our clients who uses our Tenstreet integration has to say: 

Compliance Takes Center Stage

Compliance challenges and concerns were common in discussions at the conference, and reducing common legal oversights was the aim. Specific topics surrounding FCRA lawsuits indicate they are increasing nationwide, they are very costly, and they can be prevented with the right disclosure and authorization language when pulling consumer reports during the hiring process. Other oversights include not following the appropriate adverse action process and risk management.

If you’re wondering if you are affected by FCRA laws, download the latest update to our 50 State Guide now.

Marijuana Drug Testing Had a High Impact

It’s no secret some employers are struggling to fill certain positions due to drug testing requirements.  Asurint’s own Kelly Uebel shared her insight into the evolving legal landscape of marijuana drug testing during day two’s session. Uebel touched on recent state cases in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Delaware in which all show reasonable accommodations may be required by employers for medical purposes, and discrimination or denial of employment is unlawful.
Overall, employers should consider whether marijuana should be removed from their drug panel for specific positions, and if any safety issues must be taken into account prior to implementing any new drug testing policies. 

Asurint’s growth in transportation screening over the past 3 ½ years is nothing short of amazing. Our approach is not about selling you everything Asurint, but in utilizing the best of what we do with the best of what our partners and competitors bring; allowing our combined level of knowledge and understanding help make the ultimate decision for background screens. We care about educating all of our clients and prospects in order to help them mitigate the risk and stay safe and compliant throughout the hiring cycle.

We believe in putting our clients’ needs first. Asurint has the tools and resources to help keep you receive fast, accurate, cost-effective and compliant background screen results all through Tenstreet’s improved integrative platform. To learn more about using Asurint with your Tenstreet platform, contact us today!