Top 3 Takeaways from the 2019 Compeat User Conference

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The restaurant industry is changing faster than those who operate an establishment can keep up with the daily tasks at hand. Thankfully there's Compeat, who is disrupting the industry with their comprehensive all-in-one integrated restaurant accounting, back office, workforce and intelligence management software. With its technology, Compeat is helping restaurants save time, work smarter and be more profitable.

As the exclusive partner to Compeat for background screening, Asurint was proud to be a sponsor at the 2019 Compeat User Conference in Austin last week. We met a lot of people, heard a lot of stories and want to share some key takeaways from the action-packed week! 

Technology Adaption Slow, but Gaining Speed

With changes in consumer behavior, modern restaurant experiences are essential. From online ordering, customizable menus, robotic mixologists, mobile apps and more, use of some sort of technology is a must. The amount of technology platforms that restaurants must manage can be upwards of 10-15 on a daily basis just to keep up with the changing landscape.

With so much on their plate, and technology driving data, data integrity issues are a reality. Without integrations and a solid technology strategy, managers are finding themselves lost, losing dollars and quickly shutting doors.

Competition in the Restaurant Industry is Unprecedented

 According to the Deloitte 2018 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook report, “More than 620,000 eating and drinking establishments across the United States, with restaurants currently growing at about twice the rate of the population.”  While this may indicate a robust economy, it is also causing a labor shortage. In addition, a tight labor market means an increase in labor rates. As supply and demand teaches us, employees are getting smarter and demanding higher wages.

Knowing the Difference Between Labor Laws and Labor Rights is Significant

Understanding regulations is the key to avoiding violations and staying compliant. That's why Compeat’s Labor and Schedule solutions not only streamline workforce management, but they offer tools for scheduling, cross-store hourly management and payroll-ready files. Compeat's solutions also have built-in labor compliance rules that automatically applies federal, state and local labor laws with the appropriate labor calculations by jurisdiction.

With how fast the restaurant industry moves, it's nice to know that Compeat is there to offer managers the tools they need to keep up in this high-energy, ever-changing field. The need for speed is imperative, and that's why Asurint is proud to partner with Compeat for their background screening integration. Restaurant managers can't go wrong with the added value of getting fast, cost-effective and compliant background screens all within the same software they conduct their business. 

To learn more about Asurint's partnership and integration with Compeat, contact us today! 

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