Repaving the On-Ramp to Employee Success and Engagement for Remote and Hybrid Environments

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Is your onboarding a holdover from the days of 100% on-site work?

We get it, a lot changed in the workplace, and fast. When companies sent employees home during COVID-19, many processes had to be ported over immediately, without much thought to redesigning for the virtual environment.

More than two years later, however, and many employees continue to work remotely, at least part of the time. And numerous employers now draw talent from anywhere, integrating new hires who only telecommute. 

If your organization has decided that a fully remote or hybrid workplace is here to stay, how can you adapt onboarding to meet the needs of all employees?

The Evolution of Employee Onboarding in a Post-Pandemic, Hybrid Workplace—available to stream on-demand—is designed to answer that question! In this webinar, Asurint Business Partner Elisabeth Mayer and Manager of Learning Development Erin McVan share a wealth of knowledge about welcoming, orienting, connecting, and motivating talent, wherever and however they work.

Learn how to:

  • Create a positive candidate experience to boost long-term employee retention
  • Build a structured onboarding process, including virtual and on-site options
  • Modify content for hybrid learning, without leaving any employees behind
  • Measure your success and refine your efforts over time

Today, organizations must reliably orient new hires, no matter where they’ll learn and do their jobs. Employees must be prepared to bridge the traditional and remote workplace, find the resources they need, and collaborate with others who may work differently.

Set your employees up for success with a fine-tuned onboarding process tailored to current challenges.

Stream now: The Evolution of Employee Onboarding in a Post-Pandemic, Hybrid Workplace.

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