Teams Don’t Build Themselves. A Special Thanks to Those Bringing People Together

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Rounding out America’s traditional annual cycle, we’ve composted the carved pumpkins and it’s already time for the pumpkin pie! How does time fly by so fast?

Not sure about you, but for us at Asurint, 2022 has been a whirlwind of innovation and opportunity. After charging forward for months, we welcome this holiday reminder to thank the people accompanying us along our journey.

Because wow, the past two years have been a trip! If you’re among the organizations that have managed to navigate the challenges while maintaining your culture, to keep your people and find new folks who fit—how lucky you must feel. We sure do. 

A shout-out to those who made it possible. We know and work with so many recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals, and we recognize that yours is a demanding specialty, all the more so recently. We are grateful for your efforts and celebrate your successes. Businesses and the economy depend on talent, and it’s you who are bringing the right people together.

As for our own day-to-day, we are fortunate to be innovating the background screening industry, which means uniting individuals whose expertise runs the gamut from client services to complex technologies to legal intricacies. With such diverse personalities, there’s never a dull moment. We couldn’t imagine a better Screen Team.

After two holiday seasons of on-the-fly adjustments to keep loved ones safe, we are looking forward to ebullient winter festivities. We hope you, too, will have a chance spin up some good times and also wind down and refresh. You deserve it!

If there’s anything our team can do to support yours, now or in the New Year, never hesitate to reach out

Happy Thanksgiving!

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