Asurint Announces Instant Background Check Clears for California

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CLEVELAND, October 18, 2018 - Asurint today announced that their proprietary background screening technology now has the capability to evaluate and provide an instant clear on individuals from counties representing approximately 92% of the population of California, allowing hiring managers to extend offers to candidates in hours, not the days that are standard in the industry. A “clear” happens when a background check performed on an individual  does not return any criminal history results in the specified jurisdiction of the search. By the end of 2018, Asurint expects the ability to deliver an instant clear in California covering at least 95% of the population.

“Asurint strives to provide HR professionals with fast, accurate and compliant background check results by leveraging technology for a consistent high-quality experience,” said Co-Founder & CEO Gregg Gay. “Providing instant clears for the majority of California is a major win for Asurint’s clients who want to dramatically reduce their time to hire.” 

California is the most populous state in the United States with nearly 40 million residents spanning 58 counties. Historically, turnaround time for background checks was slow in California due to the manual-intensive labor of retrieving court files and dramatically reduced court budgets. 

“Many courts in California were not using an electronic case management system,” said Gay. “Asurint proactively consulted  with many of these courts and provided assistance into the structure of the court’s data, paving the way to the impressive turnaround time we’re seeing now.” 

Counties in California, such as San Diego, Santa Clara and Sutter would normally take upwards of 3 days to return results on a single search. With the help of Asurint, clear results are now available instantly. To learn more, visit https://choose.asurint.com/california-3/.

Asurint provides instant clears on background screens for many other states such as Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and more. Asurint constantly works with courts around the U.S. and currently, on average, adds a county every 30 hours. Counties in California that currently provide instant clears though Asurint include the following:

  • Los Angeles County
  • San Diego County
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • San Bernardino County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Alameda County
  • Contra Costa County
  • Fresno County
  • Kern County
  • Ventura County
  • San Mateo County
  • San Joaquin County
  • Stanislaus County
  • Tulare County
  • Santa Barbara County
  • Solano County
  • Monterey County
  • Santa Cruz County
  • Merced County
  • Butte County
  • Kings County
  • Napa County
  • Nevada County
  • Sutter County
  • Yuba County
  • Calaveras County
  • Siskiyou County
  • Sacramento County
  • Sonoma County
  • Yolo County
  • Amador County

About Asurint 

Asurint provides technology-enabled, customizable background check solutions for HR recruitment teams that result in faster turnaround times and more records than traditional single county searches – eliminating the manual-intensive labor of background screens. Our approach also seamlessly integrates with existing applicant tracking system software to give an end-to-end view of the hiring cycle and create a more efficient workflow. With Asurint, the HR industry can shorten their hiring cycle and onboard the best talent for their organization.

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